Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"All My Sisters!"

(First Row: Elizabeth as Postulant & Mother Germaine holding "Story of a Soul"-autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux)

Community life is a sharing of common goals in prayer, ministry and service. It is a visible pledge of our relationship with Christ, with each other and with the whole Church, the People of God. Community living is an expression of faith manifested in the pursuit of a call heard in the silence of a heart, a manifestation of hope in the promise of life and happiness in God, and the struggle of living the life of charity commissioned to us by Jesus amidst human imperfections and limitations. It is a visible sign of how God's grace can triumph over human frailties and accomplish the works of God - works of love, joy, charity- among the Sisters and God's people.
(carmelite sisters website)

Community living is one of the most challenging consequence of following Christ. It calls for self-forgetfulness, faith and humility to accept one's weaknesses and failures in the daily struggle to love others as Jesus loved them. It also calls us to learn to accept ourselves as others see us. For all it's difficulties and challenges, living with others can be a source of joy, strength and spiritual growth, a source of inspiration and edification, a place to journey together as sisters and family in the Lord.

"When the time approached for her to receive the religious habit, Mother Prioress said to her: "You still will have much to acquire, perhaps it will be postponed." Elizabeth answered: 'It is true, my Mother, that I am quite imperfect, but I believe that God wants to do me this favor. As for my sisters, how can they refuse me? They must love me for I love them so!"

Mother Germaine's testimony (Blessed Elizabeth's Prioress)

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