Sunday, September 13, 2009

"I Have Nothing Else But Him"

On January 11, 1903, on the Feast of Epiphany, Sr. Elizabeth of the Trinity pronounced her Solemn Vows in the Chapter Room which was decorated with flowers. It was a private ceremony and so only her religious Community was present. She received her Profession Crucifix from Mother Prioress as a sign of her new status as the Spouse of the Crucified.

"Who could describe the joy of my soul when, on contemplating the crucifix which I received after my profession and which our Reverend Mother placed "as a seal on my heart," I could say to myself: "At last He is all mine and I am all His. I have nothing else but Him. He is my All!" And now, I have only one desire, to love Him, to love Him all the time, to be zealous for His honor as a true bride, to give Him joy, to make Him happy by preparing a dwelling and a refuge for Him in my soul, so that there He may forget, by the strength of my love, all the abominations of the wicked!"

Blessed Elizabeth
February 15, 1903 (letter 156)

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the booklady said...

Thank you for this ... as well as your other beautiful posts. Each is a tender reflection and worthy of many hours of quiet meditation. How often this Mary longs to leave her Martha-life behind and join you!

May His Holy Name always be praised!